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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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be nice. >> iot outdoors. >> 95ish with a threat. that gives me a little leeway. >> 79 right now. we've dropped into the 70s with cloudy skies. 84 by 9:00. at 5:00, temperature of 94. threat for some strong thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll be watching that like we're watching strong thunderstorms this morning coming from ohio and pittsburgh into west virginia. some of this though has snuck into western maryland. live doppler 9000 hd has been showing from cumberland down toward paw paw, we're watching that. 73 in fredericksburg. also, 79 still at reagan national. annapolis, at 80. look at your highs this afternoon. the threat for strong thunderstorms. angie goff, how is our timesaver traffic looking? >> things have not changed. we started with the yellow light. we continue with it as we make our way into the 6:00 hour. good tuesday morning, everybody. let's get started with the live situation out in silver spring.
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courtesy of our photographer kevin king here. this is what's going on. 29 colesville road closed off between sligo creek parkway and franklin avenue. it looks like georgia avenue is going to be your best bet for one more hour. right now, we're hearing from officials they don't plan to reopen the roadway until about 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. the accident that happened around midnight involves a police officer. some better news though out near frederick, over to the real time graphic, the crash activity from earlier, eastbound 340 at route 17 in the final clearing stages, what we're looking at here is all lanes back open. on the outer loop, things are starting to pick up a little volume from new hampshire over to university. no incidents along the way. over to the clinton brandy wynn, accokeek, fort washington area as we return to the maps, notice no incidents to report. and quickly, we're doing your travel times for you. 66 from fairfax to the beltway moving at a great pace here. no problems on the dulles toll
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road on the inner loop in virpg. from 395 up to 267. still ahead, a look at the bw parkway. that's coming up at 6:12. >> we'll see you in a bit. let's get to some of the stories happening today. prince george's county meets this morning after 9:00. it is scheduled to be the final meeting for councilwoman leslie johnson. she's leading office at the end of the month following her guilty plea to corruption charges. nfl quarterback michael vick heads to capitol hill. he'll be there with the humane society of the united states lobbying for legislation cracking down on animal fighting. as you may recall, vick spent time in prison for his role in a dogfighting ring. >> a groundbreaking today for a new development in northeast washington. city leaders will start building a new grocery store and apartments along h street. the project is called 360 degrees h street. >> also today, the guardian angels will be out along a popular bike commuter route. >> they want to provide extra
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security along the metropolitan branch trail after a series of attacks. >> surae chinn is live with more on what's being done and what started this protection unit. good morning, surae. >> good morning to you, andrea. mike. the trail got a lot safer because the guardian angels have arrived. here they are riding on their bikes. they'll be on foot patrolling this metropolitan branch trail. hi, guys, good morning. we have a d.c. chapter leader of the guardian angels, john aial la to talk about what you guys will be doing. >> between 6:00 and 9:00, we'll have guardian angels on bikes patrolling between franklin and l on this bike path. we already patrol it on tuesday and wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:00. now, we'll increase our patrols to the a.m. hours twice a week as well. >> reporter: the reason being is because the two recent attacks happened in the morning. yesterday at 9:30.
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friday at 8:15. really a scary situation when this bike trail is so inviting and it is also inviting crime. >> definitely inviting crime. the reason why is because it is an isolated area. not a lot of people that's on the bike path in the morning but there are a few. the bad guys know that it is easy. i can come in and attack someone. i can rob them and get off quickly before the police get here. so, that's the reason why we want to bring guardian angels on the bike path in the morning to splay make the with women that's walking the bike path to the new york avenue metro train so they can feel a little safer. >> you guys are also changing things up. you don't want to tell people exactly what days in the morning, is that correct? >> that's correct. we're going to stick with wednesdays and thursdays between 6:00 and 8:00. we're out here with citizens. but in the morning, it will be from 6:00 until about 9:00. one week it might be a monday and a wednesday. following week it might be a
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thursday and a saturday. >> thank you, john ayala with the d.c. chapt he were of the guardian angels here for the next few hours keeping the trail safer. >> thank you surae chinn live along the metropolitan branch trail in northeast washington. a murder investigation is going on right now in the district's petworth neighborhood. just after 3:00 this morning, police rushed to randolph street near georgia avenue andest and northwest. they found a man shot in the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities have not released his name. they also have not said anything about a suspect or a moi. some big names are starting to line up against redskins owner dan snyder in his lawsuit against the washington city paper. >> among them, channel 9, aclu and ncr. they want the court to throw it out as frivolous. >> he believes the comments
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from anti-semitic. the city paper has stood by mckenna and his articles. brett haber asked snide fear one-on-one interview to talk about the suit. so far, mr. snyder has declined. a montgomery county council is expected to cast its vinyl vote to give the police chief more power. the fraternal order of police contends the bill erodes protections for the officers. however, the measure would not affect the union's bargaining rights over wages or benefits. pepco says it needs more leeway to trim trees on private property in order to maintain its service but montgomery county says not so fast! council members took pepco to task at a board meeting yesterday. it says pepco is too aggressive at trimming dead and grove grown trees. pepco says it needs to do that in order to prevent major outages during storms. the list of the best hospitals in america is out. johns hopkins hospital in baltimore is at the top of the
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honor roll according to "u.s. news & world report." it gets that ranking for high expertise across a variety of fields. when it comes to hospitals in the d.c. metro area, washington hospital center ranks number one. georgetown university hospital comes in second followed by eknow have a fairfax, the national rehabilitation hospital and holy cross hospital. when it comes to cancer treatment, u.s. news puts washington hospital center at number one. for gynecology, it is eye know i nova fairfax. you can get a list of the rankings by visiting >> jessica doyle is still watching your money. >> and she is busting car insurance myths. >> car insurance is not something we spend a ton of time thinking about. >> you probably haven't
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challenged things. there are a lot of myths since buying car insurance can be expensive and confusing. we're myth busting this morning. we'll start with color. myth number one, red cars cost more to insure. you probably heard this one before but it is dead wrong. the insurance information institute says car color doesn't matter. insurance companies only care about the make and model of your car. they want to know the repair cost, the safety rating, not your favorite color. myth number two, older drivers pay more for car insurance. that is also false. life insurance goes up with age but car insurance goes down. i guess you can think of this as one of the fouad vangs of getting older. >> myth number three, your insurance covers any damage to your car. this is not really that simple. liability insurance is required in most states. it is going to cover you if you hurt someone. but comprehensive and collision coverage protects your vehicle. that's optional. a couple of quick tips to keep
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more of your money, some insurance providers offer discounts for good students and good drivers. before we go, i've got a quick little thing that talks about your car color and what it means about you as a person. you're silver, andrea. you are cool and calm. mike has a blue car. this is introspective, reflective and cautious. and i've got a black car. i just read this. it means i'm aggressive and someone who is an outsider or rebel. >> my wife has a black car. >> the rebel, i believe. >> she's a rebel -- >> there is a song. >> thank you, jess. >> what color is your car? >> black and big. >> so you're aggressive and a rebel. >> that's angie. >> thanks, jess. congressman frank wolf wants to change how much you pay to drive the dulles greenway. right now at rush hour, you're paying $4.50 no matter how far
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you drive. that makes it one of the most expensive toll roads in the nation. the virginia republican wants to change that so instead, you pay based on how far you go. the greenway's operators say the road is not set up for that kind of toll use. here's a look at what's still ahead within the next hour of 9news now. >> we're one day closer to the government hitting its credit limit. in three minutes, the latest on negotiations and how unhappy americans are with this entire process. >> how honest are the people in d.c.? learn about an honesty test going on today and you might not even know you're taking part in it. >> howard has our tuesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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we're look at a very warm, steamy morning. got rain in western maryland, parts of west virginia left over thunderstorms out to the west. 91 by noon. this afternoon's high near 95 with a threat for spotty strong thunderstorms. gotta stay up on the weather. as well as the heat and humidity. >> we're taking a look at the baltimore washington parkway making the trip past 197 down to powder mill. not going to find anything along the way. looks like smooth sailing. a check on that accident out in silver spring area. the very latest and your virginia roads up next in my next traffic report coming up. >> that's at 6:18. back to you. we're now exactly two weeks
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away from the august 2nd debt deadline when the government will no longer be able to pay its bills. >> we could default on our loans. melissa reignny has more to reach the deal and the new plan before congress today. >> with the august 2nd deadline looming, they struggling to balance the budget. >> we're in a relatively short period of time here. the fact that we remain confident that that will happen is -- i think important. but it does not mean we can let up. >> while top leaders aren't letting up on the negotiations, others in washington are forming plans of their own. later today, a bipartisan group of senators will unveil a plan to slash trillions of dollars over the next ten years. meanwhile, republicans are moving ahead with a more partisan measure to cut, cap and balance future budgets. president obama said monday that he plans to veto that plan if it reaches his desk.
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>> the real question is what kind of substantive deal are we going to get. there will be meaningful controls are mechanisms, significant cuts that would be viewed as being credible by the rating agencies, by foreign lenders and by the american people. >> i'm melissa rainey for 9news now. you can ask just about anyone and they'll have some sort of opinion. >> a lot of deuce like how either side is handling the issue. that's according to a poll from "usa today." half of those surveyed say president obama and congress are doing the worst job than their predecessors in dealing with the problem. four in ten call it the worst situation they've ever seen. at least 2/3 accuse republicans and democrats of putting their own political interest ahead of the country's best interests. howard bernstein is here with our weather and howard was just showing me statistics about 100 degree weather not since the 30s have we had a
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streak. >> potentially. >> couple of days last year, had 102 back to back. got three 100 degree days on the seven-day forecast. back july 19-22. four days in 1930. that's the longest stretch of 100 degree consecutive days in washington so don't think we're going to do that thankfully. >> didn't have a lot of air conditioning back then. >> no, they didn't. >> this morning, warm and muggy. we'll only be around 94, 95 this afternoon with scattered thunderstorms. by 11:00, 89. 92 at 1:00. by 3:00, 94. by 5:00, 94. we're watching for the threat of thunderstorms. we're watching thunderstorms push into west virginia. lots of lightning there into parts of maryland. we've got rain. generally light rains. coming out of cumberland.
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heavier stuff from kaiser down toward mount storm and southeastern garrett county. all sinking toward the south slowly. we'll see what holds together. maybe gets over toward parts of the shenandoah valley. in the 70s. 77 cumberland and winchester. in the lower 70s down in fredericksburg. sticky. really sticky. 72. here in washington this morning, we've got 79 degrees with cloudy skies. jan in reedville said it is getting warm. south-southwesterly wind at 5 miles per hour. the dew point way up at 70 degrees. you can see the northwesterly flow carrying the storms from michigan down toward west virginia this morning. with that northwesterly flow continuing, the showers will try to make it into virginia but look, even by noon, not much there. some clouds, some sunshine. scattered showers and storms developing this afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., some of the evening commuters may be dealing with some of the thunderstorms. they'll drop down, fall apart overnight. tomorrow with the daytime heat,
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we could be bubbling up more showers and thunderstorms. it is a very hot forecast. today, tomorrow, 94. 95 with a few storms here and thursday, drying out. about 100 degrees for the high. friday should be the hot day. the hottest day. they're all hot, right? the hottest day at 103. potentially a little bit cooler. sunday and monday around 90. that would feel almost cool. angie? >> that's scary. >> thank you, howard. hello, everybody. we continue to keep on that yellow light. we want to move it out live to the scene where the accident investigation continues into its fifth hour. this is an accident we're being told that involves a police officer. 29 colesville road remains shut down between sligo creek parkway and near this area here at franklin avenue. notice the police cruiser there in the median. looks like it will be sometime before they're able to clear the scene. they're telling us 7:00 at the
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earliest. this could go into the 8:00 hour. you'll want to use georgia avenue as your alternate. moving to a wide view of the area, everybody else seems to be checking out ok as far as incidents are concerned. 66 moving it outside. just seeing a good amount of congestion around the route 50 exit. overall, still doing ok approaching the capital beltway. let's zoom into 95 in virginia. this is your 66 drive as i mentioned before. still overall moving at a good pace. 95 in virginia not the case. we're in the yellow here. stretching from lauren over to the mixing bowl. over to the outer loop we go. 95 to 270 as we track your travel times still moving at a good speed here. only about a 12 minute commute. 95 headed southbound, no problems to report. d.c. 295, we're moving to the 11th street bridge. a check on 395 in virginia. over to andrea and mike. >> thank you, angie. next in sports, the nationals are moving on up in the standings and good news on
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steven strasburg's rehab. >> first, the question of the morning. what food do you think can be found in 90% of the homes in america. is it a, ice cream? b, potato chips or c, frozen pizza? >> keep those? >> she writes i love potato chips however they don't last long enough because when i bring them in the house, straight to the mouth. i think the answer is c, frozen pizza. >> find out if your guess is right and keep the guesses coming on we'll be right back!
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we're looking at some rain across parts of western maryland, west virginia. might even sneak down toward the shenandoah valley. light sprinkles making it toward winchester right now. heavy stuff around kaiser and
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along i-79 south of morgantown. our day planner does call for the threat for some thunderstorms. a little bit later on. it will be hot and sticky. 3:00 temperature, 94. get your outside chores done early. >> thank you, howard. >> when you get a chance, check out the national league east standings. the nationals are back in third place. >> pretty good. the team is one game over .500 thanks to a late game rally in houston. starting pitcher jason marquis put them in good position. he gave up two runs and struck out nine astros. that was tied at 2 in the top of the ninth but the nats scored three times capped by off by laynce nix's single. d.c. tops houston 5-2. signs of progress for steven strasburg. the nationals pitching phenom is recovering from elbow ligament replacement surgery. he threw a simulated game in florida on monday. nats g.m. mike rizzo says strasburg had his speed. he could make a liner league
6:25 am
start next month. the nfl lockout could finally be over this week. players, association and bosses will meet in d.c. tomorrow. they could vote on a proposed collective bargaining agreement which would end the lockout. there is still a lot of details to be worked out though. redskins training camp is scheduled to open as soon as next week. washington capitals have -- castles have secured a top seed throughout the tens playoffs. they improved to 11-0 beating the capitals last night. one more regular home match for d.c. that's thursday at nighttime against philadelphia. it is 6:25. still ahead, simple tips on setting your air-conditioner so you don't break the bank trying to keep cool. >> new allegations of wrongdoing against mayor vincent gray's campaign. >> right now, angie has a quick check on traffic in the region. >> thank you, andrea. 395, slow ride from the beltway over to seminary. still ahead, more on a water main break in vienna, virginia
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the place you always get your weather first. here's a live look at the kennedy center this morning.
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a little hazy looks the potomac. 80 degrees there right now. >> thanks for starting your tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. it may feel hot now but it is going to get worse. good morning, howard. >> i have anna beth. i wanted to steal her myself. anna beth, going into the sixth grade in. >> going into fifth grade. >> i should know what that means, right? at holton arms. what do you like to do when you're not on tv? >> i like to swim. >> to swim. huh? >> would you like swimming in weather like? how would you describe it? >> it is muggy. >> let's look at the day planner. you can help me with this, anna beth. we have temperatures this morning already -- what are we right now currently? >> 79 degrees. >> with cloudy skies. by noon, we'll have some thunderstorms and a temperature of -- >> 91 degrees. >> what about 5:00? >> 94 degrees. >> with some scattered thunderstorms around. we'll have to watch out for
6:31 am
that. look at the storms coming out of pennsylvania toward western maryland. west virginia is being hit a lot harder. you know what the yellows mean on the radar, anna beth? >> no. >> the darker the colors or the brighter, that's the heavier rainfall. that's what we're seeing from kaiser down toward mount storm. we'll have to watch out for that later on with a high near 95. swimming maybe in an indoor pool would be good today. angie, i got her for now. maybe you can steal her back later. >> we need to watch out for our jobs. you have some competition, howard bernstein. anna beth is doing an amazing job. yellow light stays on. new problems to tell you about. hello from vienna, virginia. the scene of a water main break. crews are out this way. northbound 123 plucked off before -- blocked off. we're seeing traffic is being diverted ton a nearby service road. meanwhile, other parts of the region are checking out ok.
6:32 am
we want to zoom into d.c., take you outside. show you things are very nice and quiet out this way. in northeast, new york avenue at florida, we're doing fine. we're a little slow from the times building to bladensburg road for those of you who like to travel inbound. northwest d.c., the whitehurst freeway at 7th street, still moving smoothly. everyone moving at speed. as far as your trains are concerned, we're keeping. >> eye on the metro, vre and marc. all lines are moving on-time. still ahead, a look around the region at 6:45. over to you. d.c. mayor vincent gray says if there was any wrongdoing in the finances of his mayoral campaign, people should be held accountable. >> that's what he's telling "the washington post" after its report his 2010 mayoral campaign accepted cash donations that were above the legal limit. >> the post-reports the gray campaign took cash donations and turned them into money orders. that's because the contribution limit is higher for money
6:33 am
orders. the post found gray's campaign took in $46,000 in the donations. most came from taxicab companies. the city is auditing the gray campaign. rupert murdoch is scheduled to speak before british parliament in a few hours. he and his son and former news of the world chief rebecca brooks will testify before a panel about that alleged phone hacking scandal. hearings come a day after scotland yard official resigned and a whistle blower that tipped off the scandal was found dead. it is alleged news of the world of hacking into voice mail of celebrities, politicians, murder victims and soldiers killed in action. right now, the guardian angels are out on a section of the metropolitan branch trail. they want to keep cyclists and joggers safe after a wave of attacks. surae chinn is there to show us what's being done. >> the guardian angels have started patrols. they will be for the next few hours. you can see them riding on
6:34 am
their bikes right now. they banded together with the police department to have uniformed and undercover officers also increasing their patrols all along the mvp trail. just imagine you're walking along here, the next thing you know, you're staring down the barrel of a gun. the guardian angels think force in numbers can deter crime. >> let the bad guys know that someone is out here watching. it is guardian angels, there's police officers and cameras. your everyday citizen walking by. we're tired of the people getting mugged here. we're going to make a statement. >> reporter: while the guardian angels never carried weapons but they say force in numbers can help with deterring crime. they use nonlethal mets. they're here in light of recent attacks. seven since may and there was a recent one yesterday morning and also on friday. they'll be patrolling twice a
6:35 am
week during the morning and at night and they're always looking for people. they've got flyers out saying what time they'll be out here. they'll also have unspecified times. they're looking for residents and neighbors to help them out. back to you. >> surae chinn reporting live along the metropolitan east trail this morning. hate crimes investigation into montgomery county includes an incident in a third community. an alarm over the weekend brought out school security officers to north bethesda middle school. that's where they found the same racially and sexually offensive graffiti and damage to cars that has been plaguing the county since the middle of last week. the three incidents are now spread across the lower third of montgomery county from spencerville to rockville and bethesda. police say investigators are studying the similarities in the cases now. again, with the sexual genitalia and hate-based language. anything or any time we have language that's motivated by hate, we're going to look into
6:36 am
it and investigate it as though it is a hate-related crime. an alarm interrupted the most recent attack on north bethesda elementary school on sunday. our time is 6:36. jessica doyle is watching your money. >> she's going to tell us how not to spend all of it when it comes to keeping cool. >> it is hot out there. it means that we're cranking it up. it means when the power bills come in, we'll be paying a lot more. here are two simple ways to keep a cap on your cooling cost. try raising your thermostat just one degree. that's going to save you 3% each month. now, bite the bullet. raise it from 70 degrees to 78 degrees. you'll cut your bill 24% each month. might be sweating but you're going to be paying less. this could be the last week you can shop in a border's bookstore. the bookstore chain heads to court today for approval to liquidate. it didn't receive any takeover bids that would keep it in business.
6:37 am
border's had been in talks to sell stuff to a private equity investor but the talks collapsed. about 400 remaining stores could close as early as friday putting thousands of people out of work. look out facebook! google plus is breathing down your neck. a new american customer satisfaction survey finds happiness is low enough that social networking sight could lose significant market share to google plus. of course, facebook has 750 million users compared to 10 million for google plus. it is still only in the trial testing stage. i've been trying it out. it is interesting. >> is it similar to facebook? >> it is more complicated. it is pretty simple once you start but the thing i realized is i don't have friends on there yet. >> it made me feel sad. >> we'll be your friend. >> ok. >> but not on that. because i don't want to start another one. thanks, jess. we'll be friends in person. >> real friends. >> the space shuttle "atlantis" undocked from the international space station and it is on its
6:38 am
final trip home. the crew left behind a year's worth of supplies and a u.s. flag that flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. atlantis is due back around 6:00 a.m. thursday and will join "discovery" in retirement. we're headed to the mid-90s and a threater storms coming up next. howard will tell us when the triple digits will get here. >> a problem since late last night. it closed at franklin avenue and sligo creek parkway for an accident investigation. angie will have more on this in seven minutes. >> here's what's on of it tonight... -- here's what's on tv tonight... what makes the sleep number store different?
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beating the heat yesterday. look at that smile. this is the scene at the pool near howard university in northwest. you can bet temperatures in the 90s. it will be packed there today. even the water will be warm, right, howard? >> water temperatures in the 80s in the bay. getting nice in the 70s. ocean city. that would be a nice place to go. any day this week, any day this month, let's be real. any day you can. >> just a few days left of the month anyhow. >> there's always august. >> we have a lot of heat and humidity out there with temperatures in the 70s to near 80. thunderstorms around at times. here is a look at the day planner with temperatures quickly rising through the 80s through 8:00. some sunshine mixing with the clouds.
6:44 am
highs pushing 94, 95 degrees. we're still going to be around that 90 degree mark. winds today out of the southwest. 5, 10 miles per hour. you can see the storms dropping from pittsburgh down interstate 79 but some of the rain, see that from steve in cross junction. a light shower there and 73 degrees. live doppler 9000 hd. look at this in carroll county. showers now. these have just popped up. we're watching really the stuff here coming out of western maryland right now. this is in the larger area of rain. heavier downpours from kaiser southward toward petersburg. some may sneak down toward woodstock and mount jackson here. even front royal, you may get a light sprinkle over the next 30 to 60 minutes. temperatures in the 70s, even 81 at the leesburg airport. college park is 79. 76 over at andrews. fort belvoir this morning, 72 degrees. but a steamy 79 right now at
6:45 am
reagan national. cloudy skies. feeling like 82. it does look like this ridge of high pressure is responsible for all of the heat that will build toward us. we'll get hotter over the next few days. this is tropical storm bret. it is going away from land. that won't be a concern. for us with the northwesterly flow, anything that develops upstream gets pushed down toward us. we'll see some of that this morning with the action out to the west. then stuff is going to pop in the heat and humidity today and tomorrow. before, well, unfortunately, rain chances go down. temps go up by the end of the week. 94 today and tomorrow. scattered showers and storms possible both afternoons. thursday, sunny. very hot. right around 100. heat index thursday and friday could be pushing 110. especially friday with 103 degree high forecast and 100 on saturday. heat advisory if not heat warning. by sunday and monday, a little bit cooler. still hot. highs around 90.
6:46 am
angie is stepping in with your latest timesaver traffic. >> it has been a busy tuesday morning. 15 minutes away from the 7:00 hour. yellow light stays on. we continue to monitor the scene from above. live from sky 9. we take you to vienna, virginia. crews are working the water main break. center of the road, northbound 123. you can see they have it closed off near nutley street out near flint hill. over to the left, you notice traffic is moving. that's the service road. this is how police are getting drivers around it. i would say in the next 5, 15 minutes, i would consider using sutton road. take it over to courthouse. that will get you back over to 123. you'll be able to avoid the situation altogether. let's take you live to another scene we've been monitoring out in silver spring. we have a pretty decent police presence on the scene of a crash investigation of involving a police officer and
6:47 am
a cruiser. colesville road remains closed off between sligo creek and franklin avenue. your best bet up until about 7:00 at least will be using georgia avenue. looks like it is going to surpass the 7:00 hour though. as far as the investigation is concerned. moving over to a new crash north of this area, route 29 in both directions at 198, going to advise you use cause caution on the outer loop. outside, we're slow crawling along from 95 over to georgia avenue. we'll wrap it up in virginia. 66 headed eastbound, it is a little slow around route 50 approaching the capital beltway. following your top traffic stories of the morning. i'll have it in my next traffic report. >> thank you, angie. >> how honest do you think you are? today, you are going to get tested by a local beverage maker. named honest tea based in bethesda. i'm joined by the teo of the company. tell us about this honest tea
6:48 am
test. >> we wanted to conduct a social experiment. how honest are people when no one is looking. you go to a store and if there is a cashier there. what if you put out a bunch of bottles and say it is an honor system. pay $1 and see what happens. >> you lay your product on a sidewalk. a table. >> we have a bunch of racks in 12 cities across the country. d.c. is one of them. we're going to let it run. see what happens. >> do you set up a video camera? >> we have some ways of finding out what people are going to do but it won't be obvious. >> now, this is the second year you've done it. >> last year we did it on occasion in different cities. this year, all in one day at the same time. we'll have uniform results, all of the same set-ups, too. >> i think we have video from last year. where did you set up? >> near union station. >> no kidding. >> a different location this year. we wanted to pick a place where people are coming through over the course of the day, where people can -- you know, sort of
6:49 am
-- it is an open enough space that isn't obvious. either people are watching you. >> have you had funny reactions when people see the bottles set up? >> we've had funny ones. sometimes people put in more money. we saw a guy put in $5 and took three bottles. some people have been on roller skates and barely slowed down to grab a bottle and keep going. you see all kinds of different behavior. >> can we talk about what was the most honest? >> boston were the best. they were about 93% which i was impressed by. and d.c. though was up there. d.c. was in the low 90s. to me, it was really refreshing to see how honest people are. we'll see how the results do this year. a little tough economic times, maybe a hotter day. >> it will be set up. it is today, right? >> that's right. >> we won't tell you where it is. >> keep your eyes open. >> seth, nice to meet you. howard, over to you.
6:50 am
sorry, andrea. >> we'll have a check on the news before you go next but first, the answer to our question of the morning. 90% of american homes have which of these foods? we all thought it was frozen pizza so of course the answer is a, ice cream! especially during such a hot week like this one. i have that in the freezer, too. we'll be back. >> time for the united airlines travel forecast. we have 75 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. calm winds. should be a good morning for flying out of dulles. or wherever you're going. here's your forecast. chance of storms pittsburgh and also columbus. detroit, sunny and 93. storms possible in chicago at 92. the heat is on. denver is 96 degrees with chance of thunderstorms. it will be 107 in phoenix and vegas with the sunshine. l.a., 75 and sunny with san
6:51 am
francisco and seattle in the lower 70s. heat for reno. high there right around 87.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> we have a threat for showers and storms in spots. noontime temperature, 91. get it done outside early today. mike and andrea? >> today is tuesday, july 19th.
6:54 am
here is a check on the news before you go. d.c. police want to find whoever killed a man this morning in the petworth area. he was found shot in the head around 3:00 this morning around randolph street near georgia avenue. the victim's name has not been released. >> damage estimated at $1 million after the marina fire monday. four yachts damaged in the washington outclub in southeast d.c. all are a total loss. three partially sank. >> get ready for more cars on the bw parkway. a new development will open this morning near the arundel mills mall. the project is near fort meade which is adding 7,000 workers as part of the brac project. it is 6:54. >> one more traffic and weather check when 9news now returns.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save.
6:58 am
don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at in one more thing, we want to thank anna beth for being here with us. she represents our future. >> that's right. traffic, weather, you name it. she's got it all under control. >> what did you think about your experience? is this something you might want to do when you grow up? >> definitely. it was really fun. >> weather is always important. >> weather affects everybody. >> that's right. >> you can't avoid it. >> today, you can't avoid the heat and humidity unless you're inside and don't walk out at all. thunderstorms. about the same tomorrow. 100 degrees on thursday. what about friday, anna beth? see the temperature. >> wow! >> wow! >> 103. >> angie? >> talking traffic out in vienna. water main break on 123 has northbound lanes closed between
6:59 am
flint hill and nutley. use sutton to courthouse to get back to 123. out in silver spring, 29 is closed between sligo creek parkway due to a police investigation and a new wreck in bethesda, fernwood road. please be careful. >> we've got a little bit of good news on wall street. we're look higher this morning. investors taking a look at earnings. >> we'll take that. early show is coming up next. they'll have the latest on the hacking scandal in england. meet the pennsylvania quadruplets enlisting in the national guard together! >> angie and i and maybe anna beth, we'll be back in 25 minutes. with live traffic and weather on this steamy tuesday. >> remember, we always have your news, weather and traffic at hope you'll visit us there online. >> and? >> we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great day! >> all right! >> great. >> i'm glad you're


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